Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cook It, Clean It, Make It Fun...Adventures of an Accidental Housewife

On Cook It, Clean It, Make It Fun, you will find tons of ideas that I use to do just that in my everyday life. Being a wife and mother of three is an adventure in and of itself. Every day has its own set of challenges and triumps.

Why did I decide to blog? Well....honestly....I didn't! I actually was approached by several friends and asked to start a blog. My initial response was, "I don't do anything blogworthy?" As the request set in though, I thought, "I could do that." So, a facebook poll and a few phone calls later I was picking out a name for my new blog!

What am I going to blog about? I know right? I'm hoping to just really share anything and everything that I do that might help or interest others. I'm going to start out with theme days during the week so that I have inspired posts. Weekends I will only post if something springs to mind that I need to share right then. (Also, beware of gratuitous baby pictures)

The Theme Days:
  Meal-Plan Mondays
  Toddler Tuesdays
  Wildcard Wednesdays (could be about anything at all!)
  Thrifty Thursdays
  Fabulous Fridays

I can't wait to start sharing some of my ideas for around the house with all of you. Hopefully I will be able to inspire and/or help a lot people through this new adventure.

Stay tuned, and please, please, please leave comments. I want to hear from you!

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