Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't Eat Pete! Family Game Night

We have recently instituted a family game night.  We found that we were spending too much time just living in the same house and not enough time enjoying being a family.  So...on our very first family game night...this is what I chose!

The game is called Don't Eat Pete.  All you need to play is a sheet of paper and a bag of M&Ms (the size of the bag depends on how many people are playing, how long you want to play, and how many M&Ms you want to eat).  I picked up a medium size bag of Valentine theme ones at our local Fred's.  Of course if by chance, you aren't an M&M person, you could always use Skittles or other candies...just make sure that you choose something that can be eaten quickly without problem.

On the sheet of paper, you need to draw a large tic tac toe style grid taking up the whole paper and leaving nine squares.  Then place one M&M inside each square.  Have the first player leave the room while another player chooses one M&M to be Pete.  Now have the player return to the room.  Chant "go, *player's name*, go" while they begin eating as many M&Ms as they can before picking Pete.  When the player chooses Pete, everyone says "Don't eat Pete" and the player must stop.  Refill the board and move to the next player.  Continue until all M&Ms are gone or everyone has a sugar rush!

This was such a simple game to set up for and play, but we all had the absolute best time playing.  My husband was particularly awesome at not eating Pete and ended up eating the majority of the candy by himself....not that he minded that one bit.

After we finished playing Don't Eat Pete, we watched the kids play Just Dance 3 on the Wii until bedtime.  Our first family game night was a huge success and we are all looking forward to next week!  I hope you and your family enjoy this game as much as we did.

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  1. THANK YOU! We have a weekly family night and also love games so I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that all my cholocholic males, 1 big and 2 littles, will adore this game! =)