Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Best Bath Toy Solution EVER!

My kids LOVE to play in the tub.  I, however, don't LOVE cleaning the toys or smelling the ooky mildew and stale water smell.  Welcome to Toddler Tuesday.  If you struggle with stinky, mildewed bath toys, you will love this.

Here's what you will need:

1 bath toy caddy (mine is from Target)
2 pool noodles in your choice of size and color (can be done with one if you only want one color)
One large, scary knife

I paid a little extra for my toy caddy ($15) just to get a really adorable one, but you can pick one up for really cheap (around $5).  The pool noodles are under $2 each.

Go ahead and install your bath toy caddy to the tub by suction cup or whatever method necessary.

Now, get your large, scary knife out and begin cutting the pool noodles into rings.

Once you have cut the amount and color of rings you want, go ahead and rinse them under the faucet and toss them into the toy caddy.

Now you have floating bath toys that do not mildew or hold stale water.  These are super quick and easy to clean up, and the kids LOVE them even more than I thought they would!

If you try this at your house, let me know how much your kids love it!


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