Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quick and Easy to Sew Tie Closure Bib Tutorial.

Sewing thick, absorbent bibs for your baby is actually a lot simpler than you may think.  I have made bibs several different ways, but this is the quick and easy way.
Here's what you'll need:
Fusible fleece
Fabric of your choice for the front
Fabric of your choice for the back
Double Fold Bias Tape in coordinating color (about a 24 inch length)
And of course a sewing machine, thread, pins, an iron...basic sewing tools.
A note on the fabric, the size you need will vary based on what size bib you use as a template, but a 10x10 square should pretty much cover all of your needs.
Here's what you do:
Pick out a bib that you already have in the house (or just draw a circle and cut a notch out) and trace it onto the rough side of your fusible fleece.  Then cut it out.
Set your iron to a setting that does not steam.  This is important for the fusible fleece sticking correctly.

Lay your fleece cutout rough side up, line your front of the bib fabric up on top of it right side up and iron according to fleece directions. 

This is what the back looks like.  Basically you just fused the bib to the wrong side of your fabric so that it will act as a lining for your bib.

Cut around the fleece template leaving a 1/4" allowance around all edges for sewing.

Sew the right side of your front fabric to the right side of your back of the bib fabric square, leaving the neck notch open for turning.  We'll close it up later.

It will now look like this.

Cut off the excess fabric all the way around to make the fabric ends even.  Also, make little notches all the way around about every inch to make the curves pretty when you turn it out.

Turn it right sides out.

Pin your bias tape to the bib neck.  You can do this the right way or you can do this the cheater way.
Sew the bias tape in place, making sure to fold your ends under as shown.

Trim your strings and you have an adorable bib for your little one!  If you used two different fabrics, it is also reversible.

Great job!  I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did.  Post pics if you make some for your little one.


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