Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Best Site For Couponing...EVER!

Ok, so this isn't really something that I personally do to be thrifty, but this IS something that is an AMAZING way to stay thrifty.  About a year and a half ago I stumbled across a website called  I fell in love immediately.  This girl is amazing.  She provides a preview every Wednesday of what the following week's coupons will be.  She also gives a list of what to buy at each store with what coupons to get the best price.

There is an area of her site called "Learn to Coupon" where she shares couponing tips, store coupon policies, charts with stock up prices on grocery items, weekly ad schedules, and price flow charts as well as ideas for organizing and using your coupons.

SouthernSavers provides an area linking you to any and all imaginable printable coupons.  This includes coupon sites, manufacturer sites, stores, and other resources.  You can typically print two per computer, so make sure you print from all the computers you own if it is a coupon you really like or can use multiples of.

Each major store in the southeast region is listed on the site.  When you click for each store, you see a list of sale items along with coupons to use and the price it brings the item down to.  For special deals, you will see a nut, notifying you to STOCK UP!  For some stores, she even provides purchase scenarios.  For CVS, you earn points which result in money off your next purchase...she gives you a list of transactions to perform in order in such a way that you spend the very least out of pocket.  It is GENIOUS!

On the main page, there are links to the Sunday ads, but there is also a link to the Best Deals.  When you absolutely have to have an item that you don't have a coupon for, the Best Deals area gives you a list of where you can get the item for the best possible price without a coupon.

If all of that wasn't enough, she is constantly posting deals for online stores, special promotions, and giveaways.

I'm telling you....this site is GOLDEN!  It has been such a huge money saving resource for me.  We have a never ending supply of free or nearly free soap and toothpaste.  :o)

My favorite resource is the stock up price list.  I always find myself wondering what a good price really is.  This list solves all of those problems.  From the site, click Learn to Coupon, then it will be in the first section on the right.  Now I rarely pay too much for an item unless I just absolutely HAVE to have it right then...but part of the game is not to get in such a bind that you have to pay more than necessary.

I hope you find this site as wonderful as I have over the last year and a half.  I don't know what I would do without it sometimes.

Do you have another site that you use for your couponing?  Let me know about it...


  1. Can you post a flowchart on how to coupon and the steps to take?

  2. I think the site referenced above has just what you are looking for.