Monday, September 30, 2013

Indian Corn September Classroom Snack

My oldest daughter's classroom is doing a snack rotation this year.  We haven't done that since kindergarten, and I am excited.  Classroom snack gives me a chance to get creative for every month of the year.  Late September doesn't exactly offer a wealth of inspiration, but I finally settled on Indian Corn.

As I was preparing the snacks, she came in and said, "Mommy, all of the other moms in my class just buy junk for us and don't even care if we like it or  not. I'm glad you make things cute for us."  That, to me, makes any amount of effort that went into these totally worth it.

I knew I wanted to use popcorn for this project, but had trouble deciding how to prepare it.  I looked at several popcorn mix and caramel corn recipes. In the end, I decided that if I were a teacher I wouldn't want all that sticky everywhere.  I grabbed some Reese's pieces instead.  They ended up making the perfect fall colors for this.

What you'll need:
clear cellophane treat bags (or snack size bags if you feel brave)
green crepe paper streamer
rubber bands (or raffia)
popcorn (you can get 4-5 out of a bag of popcorn)
Reese's pieces (a family size bag worked perfect for 24)

Pop all of your popcorn and put it all in a gigantic bowl (I hate the butter on the back of the hand dilemma).  Open the rest of your supplies up to get them all ready.

You will also want to measure out lengths of streamer based on how big your bags are.  I cut two 24" pieces for each treat bag.  I also cut some additional pieces, cutting those into four long skinny pieces to tie off the tops.

Place two to three heaping handfuls of popcorn into a treat bag, then add a handful of Reese's pieces and shake.  Twist tie the bag shut with the tie provided.  Pinch the bottom corners together, roll up with the streamers, and secure with rubber band or raffia.  I had rubber bands on hand, so I skipped buying raffia.  I think it would be super cute though.  Bring the streamer ends up together in the top center so that it looks like corn husks. Then secure them with the smaller pieces of streamer you cut. (or raffia if you have it)

I will admit...the first two of these I made, I was ready to just roll down to the store and buy some junk and not care if they liked it or not.  After that I got a better grip on it. 
24 of these babies later, I felt super accomplished and had an adorable September snack for my daughter's class.  I also brought some apple juice boxes to go along with these.

She thanked me not once, but three times when she got home for how awesome these were.  I can't wait to plan and deliver next month's snack.

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