Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monster Party Part 3: The Invitations and Decorations

The invitations for this monster party were the first place I started.  I only did a Facebook event, but it was still important to me for the invitations to be cute.  I used publisher to whip up these invites in a matter of no time.  The "monster" font I used was AR Darling, which came standard with the newest version of office.  The other font was Candara.  The monsters were free clipart from Google searching.  A few clicks of the mouse later, there ya have it.

I was really happy with the way these turned out....especially considering I whipped them up in under an hour for free.

I'm sure that if you have been following along, you caught a glimpse of my food cards on Monday.  These were thrown together from a template in Publisher and more of that fantastic free Google search clip art.  Just used the AR Darling font to type in the themed food names, and I had precious little food cards to use.  Simple as that.

The first bit of decorating I did was completely on a whim.  I used some neon paper that I had originally picked up for another project to convert my china hutch into MONSTERS!  Just added some touches of other paper to make faces, and taped these up inside the glass panes.  These are so adorable, I have seriously considered leaving them up permanently.

Of course, I couldn't leave those little dears to fend for themselves.  I grabbed a kettle bell and a picture that already sat on top of the hutch, converted them using some paper, and tossed them back on top.

Once that was complete, I threw some plain paper in frames with paper eyeballs and drew on some smiles for a few added monster touches.

On a recent shopping trip some vinyl monsters caught my eye.  I scored a pack of around 15 of these adorable little guys in the section with the crib bedding sets of all places.   I stuck these little guys up on several of our doors.  One even made his way into my kitchen window.

Other than those few touches, our decorating was pretty plain and simple.  Brightly colored table cloths, some confetti made from leftover neon paper, and a table runner of brightly colored scrapbook paper.  Cute, but extremely easy to throw together.

I hope you have been enjoying the Monster party so far.  Stay tuned for the favors and the party recap!  You won't be sorry!

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