Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monster Party Part 2: The Fun

Every party needs some fun activity for the party goers to participate in.  When I started planning this Monster party, I actually had a pretty easy time settling on an activity.  I am a LOVER of handprint crafts, so handprint monsters were at the top of my list.  Bonus??  I already have paint and paper on hand because of how much we craft anyway.  Add a handful of googley eyes left over from the party décor and a handful of sharpies...voila!  Instant craft!

When each child came in, we painted his/her hand according to how they wanted their monster to look, then stamped it onto a paper with their name in the corner.  We then washed their hands, and left the paper to dry as they moved on to other activities.

Later in the party, once the paper had dried, we had them come back to add googley eyes and marker faces to their monsters.

I recommend using fast drying paint, such as acrylic, over more watery paint, such as finger paint, if you are doing this in a party setting.  Otherwise, you will just end up with soggy papers by the time the party is over.

These made great little keepsakes for takeaways...and what kid doesn't love getting messy for a few minutes?

I also wanted something for the kids to be able to do in the down time....whether it be while other kids made their handprint monsters or while parents were making their plates.  I found these great little activity pads in the Walmart aisle with the finger paints and coloring books.  It had blank monsters with stickers to make the faces.  I tore out the pages individually and cut the face stickers all out into smaller pieces to scatter on the table, then tossed them into pails to set out like this.

The kids seemed to really enjoy this...and it was SO simple!

These activities were easy and very nearly free.  The activity book was around $3.  The other supplies I already had at the house from our daily crafting or leftover from party decorating and favors.

Love these?  Stay tuned the rest of the week for the invitations and decorations, the favors, and the party recap!

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