Friday, September 13, 2013

Monster Party Finale: The Party Recap

So, let's do a recap of the whole party.

The invitations and decorations were pretty simple.  I threw together these invites in Publisher.

Then filled the house with bright colors and monsters galore.  Find more details here.

The food was all monster themed.  We had monster smiles, monster ears, monster teeth, monster earwax, monster eyes and noses, monster fingers, monster toes, and some pretty adorable cupcakes if I do say so myself.  Get more details on the food here.

We had two activities for the kids to do.  The first was some adorable handprint monsters, the other was a sticker monster kit I picked up.  For details, click here.

The favors were playdoh, M&Ms, and bubbles given in these cute bags as well as plushy monsters.  You can find the complete tutorial for all of this here.

I hope you go back and grab every juicy detail of this party so that you can have an awesome monster party for your little monsters.  We'll be planning a cowgirl party next....until then, here's a kiss for the road.

See y'all next time.

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