Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Bubble Solution

Our church recently held a huge family day for all of the members and their families.  There was a picnic, games, skeet shooting, and all sorts of family fun.  We so enjoyed the fellowship.

When we decided to attend, the first thing I thought was "how am I going to entertain my little kids while all of these other activities are going on?"  A few days later, I sat outside watching Silas and Laney play with some bubble solution someone had given us.  It sparked a thought to bring bubbles for all of the kids to play in.  Now, if you know me, you know I couldn't just go buy a jug of bubble solution and bring to the gathering.  You know that I had to do online research, experimenting, and crafting to be satisfied.

I began researching bubble recipes and experimenting with different formulas.  These instructions take you through making the solution that I finally settled on and that we brought to the gathering as well as a couple of cute crafts to make it extra special.

Here is what you need:

10 oz. Dawn Dish Soap
1 Gallon Water
6 Tbsp Glycerin

OR if you are doing this on a smaller scale, you would need 1 c. Dawn, 3 c. water, and 5-6 drops glycerin

Start with your water in a large container or bucket for mixing.  Add the Dawn SLOWLY and CAREFULLY....the object is not to create too many bubbles when mixing.  Stir in the glycerin SLOWLY, but thouroughly.  Let the mixture sit overnight in the container with NO LID.  This lets the alcohol evaporate out of the Dawn and makes for a better, longer lasting bubble.

I chose to put my bubble formula into a drink dispenser for added cuteness and ease of distribution to the kiddies.

You could always just let the kids use leftover bubble wands, but why do that when you can make something more fun?!?!

Grab some drinking straws and yarn.  Cut lengths of yarn long enough to go through two straws and make a large bubble frame.  Slide two straws onto each piece of yarn.  Tie a knot.  Space the straws out on the yarn to make an open frame.  Dip in your bubble formula and enjoy!

Did you try this?  Do you use a different formula?  Let me know about it!  I love to hear from you!

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