Friday, September 28, 2012

A Clean Mess!

Ok, as you read this you are going to wonder what in the world it is doing here on Friday rather than Tuesday....well...we actually did do this on else was I gonna get the bathrooms clean? did help me to make my house more a way.

My son was being on Tuesday right around the time I got home from errands and got my daughter settled in for a nap.  I really needed to get the bathrooms cleaned, but it just wasn't happening.  Sigh.  What in the world could I do to keep him occupied?

Finally I threw him into the highchair and started rummaging....nope, nah, mmm, no.....SHAVING CREAM!

I squirted shaving cream all over the tray of the high chair and let him just go crazy in it while I cleaned the bathrooms.

He started to get bored part of the way through, so I threw in a rubber ducky for him to "bathe."  He has had enough baths to know how it works.  This was a great role play activity for him as well as a great sensory activity overall.  He had a blast talking to his ducky about taking a bath.  I kept popping my head in asking him had he made sure to wash the ducky's face, tail, etc.  He would promptly scrub whatever duck part I mentioned.

When I got done with the bathroom, I threw him (and his ducky) in the tub, rinsed off the highchair tray and...TADA.....clean everything!  By that time, he was shouting that the ducky was clean and he needed a towel.

Clean Bathroom

Clean Highchair

Clean Toddler

We used daddy's shaving cream and came out smelling like a little man.  If you try this with a girl...definitely use mommy's shaving cream.  This would also be a blast to do and "hide" different treasures in the shaving cream clouds for them to find.  Maybe next time.

Did you do this?  Let me know about it.

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